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Written by Abiola Sesan

The world at the moment is a smart global village where technology is gradually running our day to day activities. Individuals, organizations and even governmental bodies all across the world now leverage on Technology to improve the quality of lives, re-positioning for better service delivery, profit making and lots more.

There are essential tools for maximizing the opportunities technology as presented to this age for desired results in all sphere. These tools are referred to as Digital Tools (Internet, Social Media, Innovative Software and Lots more), more successful business owners are daily emerging from optimization of these digital tools persistently pushing their products and services in front of their prospective clients.

You might possibly be asking yourself as a school owner/administrator, is this applicable to my business? Can I increase or grow my school with TECHNOLOGY using its available tools? Well YES!!!!

But before we dive right in, you must understand why the need for digital tools to promote your school business is essential. A friend will always say “if you are doing something good, make good NOISE about it”, and what better way to do that than using the digital tools available.

Parents and a whole lot of people on this huge network should know how your school is positively impacting her students.

Also, you would agree with me hard work with less productivity can be tiring and frustrating, the digital tools are available for ease processing and huge productivity.

Are you ready for the HOW? Well I am ready for you too.

The first Digital tool to increasing your School growth is:


In no time more businesses will transit to being online and according to expert predictions, this will just take a few years’ time. Your school should be too. A website for your school will be a smart way to put your school on the Global Radar.  This will enable anybody from any part of the world to get available information about your school in real-time. Isn’t this amazing. It’s even more wonderful to know that EDUPORTAL provides a standard website for your school at NO COST! , YES!! You read right, I meant FREE OF CHARGE. This is your first step to making your business (school) accessible to prospective clients.


Social Media means websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking (Facebook, Instagram, twitter). According to the books, Over a billion people currently use Facebook for connecting with family, friends, clients and lots more while millions also use Instagram and some other social media platforms. Social Media presents endless possibilities to meeting millions of prospective clients who would want your service. It is therefore important if you want to grow your school to get on social media (Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc.) for your school: Make your pages inviting with beautiful pictures of your school, students, and events. Put up engaging contents showcasing what you offer to clients.

Make it a point of duty to always update your social media pages if not all the time, once in a while with engaging contents. You can also use ad sponsor features available on social media platforms, this ensures your posts reach a whole lot of people.


I know you are already asking, which is “My Google Business” again? Google is the most used search engine amidst others in entire world, Signing up for My Google Business is putting your business on the face of those looking for your kind of business. This will show any prospective client searching for your kind of service your website, address, Phone number and even showing direction to your location.


School management is an integral part of any educational setting, but its process brings about much long stressful work. With Technology Innovations that has come to make our lives easy and efficient, days of much work (I mean hard work) with less productivity are gone past.

Educational Institutions all over the globe now thrive with the use of technology innovations (School Management Software), this helps in efficiently running the school process from end to end.

School Management Software also provides better educational experience for students. The Platform Technology LTD provides one of the best school management experience (EDUPORTAL) any school administrator would want with flexible features.

Please visit for more info about EDUPORTAL and how it can help grow your school.

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